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Thanks for sharing :)
A separate data back is very important in order to avoid that serious problems on the OS, could cause data loss.
In my opinion system utilities such as ASC do not bring substantial advantages in terms of speed and potentially they can cause instability and problems.
Ccleaner is more than enough.

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I have nothing to add,other what bugcode already said,nice configuration:)
And then I like to see Bitdefender:D
I use Wise Care 365 Pro,and is very satisfied with this paticular softwareo_O
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Hello, @pumax! Welcome to our awesome forums! :D

Your real-time security software looks good overall. No need changes or additions, in my opinion.

I'd pay attention to file (data) backups, though. Even simple copy & paste to external storage media (or a cloud service) is enough to protect them.

Do ensure that you have a system image at the ready, as well. That way, you can use the backup image, to restore your system to its exact state, as it was when you created the backup image. I'm sure you've already done this, I'm just making sure. :D

That would be all, buddy. You're all set. See you around! :p


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First and foremost you need to consider some type of system & data backup solution.
I would consider some different on demand scanners such as Emsisoft Emergency Kit,Zeman Antimalware,ESET Online scaner to name a few.
I edited your config to reflect ASC as a system utility which is what it is.
Consider CCleaner over ASC as CCleaner is more than enough.
Apart from the lack of a backup solution your config is good.Thanks for sharing it with us :)


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As @DracusNarcrym explains, things worth realizing: a simple backup to external media can be lifesaving. You may either use cloud service to store or backup important folders.
You can add 2nd opinion scanners (HitmanPro, Zemana) as already mentioned; and addons like 'uBlock Origin' and 'HTTPS Everywhere' to browser. You're good to go then!

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I had ASC for over 1 year and it didnt do any bad o_O
From Iobit I think Driver Booster is a good program to update drivers and Unistaller does a good job also.
Regarding Advanced System Care, it has many functions but it is very invasive and everything you can do with this program, you can make also from Windows if you know how to do it, then you must also consider that keep running in your PC a program like this, full of so many additional functions and tools, it can slow down your system, especially if you don't have a very fast PC.

Often it happens that a user install this program thinking that the PC will be faster, but it is not always so, indeed it may slow down because of RAM and CPU cycles consumption.

Finally, it is useful to consider possible problems to the system, in short "tewak-as-a-brick".
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