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Qihoo 360 TS vs ESET NOD32 Antivirus 9 vs Kaspersky Antivirus 16
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I'm looking for:
- High detection rate.
- Protection against ransomware.
- Very good behavior blocker.

With these three it's kind of a personal choice. All of them are good.

You want Free strong Antivirus --> got for Qihoo
You want light, strong protection --> Go for ESET NOD32 / Karpersky ( Both are equally good as per me)

If you consider false positive then do not go for Qihoo. It has lots of false positive. But since it's a multi- engine product the detection rate is usually higher.

For behavioural blocker my vote will go with ESET ( Tweak it to get maxium out of it).

Ransomware protection my choice is Kaspersky.

Again, you need to try yourself to find out what is best for yourself. If you are a regular user and you know why and what you are clicking for then anti basic protection will be sufficient for you.


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I know it isn't a popular opinion but I am not a huge fan of ESET. I tried out NOD and Smart Security and they both had noticable slowdowns on my computer. They are great with protection and prevention though so it works out in the end. For me Kaspersky is just as good if not better protection wise and did not slow my computer down at all, if I were to buy an AV this is the product I would buy. Out of the free AVs 360 stands head and shoulders above; I would choose it over many paid products. Not only because it preforms very well but it also is very light. Hope this helped.


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If you are looking for high detection rate, in my opinion all the three products are good. For ransomware protection I will vote for quihoo. His HIPS module is able to detect code injection into other processes, and simply blocking that injection will stop the ransomware to work. Quihoo HIPS are also able to protect you from registry modification, startup modification and other.. If you are particularly looking for a really Good adware detection, I would go with ESET. I tried ESET at default settings and I didn't really like his zero-day protection. Maybe customising it you will get better results. The last little point, kaspersky doesn't have a proper startup protection module (see cruelsister video), but it should be better than ESET for zero-day protection


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My vote goes for Qihoo 360 Total Security (not for the smaller Essentials brother, as this one is updated seldom), because it feels light even if settings are maxed out, has Avira and BD engines as bonus (however I rely on their own engines only), has proven fast detection rates in the past and has, just as @TheMalwareMaster a good HIPS system which seldom disappointed me (no idea if you would consider chinese PUP/PUA as dangerous, QTS360 definitely doesn't even with their PUA-detection feature enabled). It most of the time blocked different infection vectors (Autostart, altering files just as ransomware tries to, block creation/alternation of processes...), even without signatures.
Biggest point for me was the regular update of the 360 Total Security suite, however they don't state what they change, but it becomes better and better.

Maybe you also might want to have a look here, although it's only about free AVs.
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Malware Hunter
- High detection rate: All
- Protection against ransomware: Kaspersky
- Very good behavior blocker:Kaspersky
Kaspersky :D


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High Detection Rate? Well Qihoo is already as an edge when it comes to the engines since the trio definitely increase the overall protection. ESET has HIPS instead which capable for advance users since the developers knew the possible bypass on their techniques that contains in depth analysis including sandbox emulation. Meanwhile Kaspersky contains Application control that is powerful next to HIPS. So overall it can be Kaspersky on that case.


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Personally, if using quihoo, I would stay cloud only in real-time, for some reasons: the BD and avira engines are outdated, system is slowed down a lot, and Quihoo is whitelisting chinese adware in Avira and BD engines (noticed in one of safe1st videos). Don't expect Quihoo to block chinese adware ;)


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