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Work! On Windows 8.1 Pro! It Fast! Some youtube video's you have refresh! For it to work!
It said update to a more modern day browser!


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Looking pretty good so far. Pretty much all Firefox/Chromium forks I've tried before it struggled with complex pages, were horribly outdated, rather slow and/or not significantly lighter than the regular Firefox/Chrome. Opera was good, but not by much.

PS. suddenly began to throw ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED errors while I was fiddling with the extensions section (it worked fine before that). I unticked the box, deleted the cache, history and cookies but it still didn't help. I don't want to reinstall it.

PPS. never mind, it turns out that the proxy option was checked, but I'm pretty sure I didn't do it myself (a design flaw that can be annoying).

PPPS. its structure differs a lot from other browsers' (not sure if it's better or worse). The "extensions" are actually DLLs that can be built this way and are stored in the plugins folder, so it's harder to develop malicious extensions.
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I'm no fan of double-posting, but just realized its adblocker isn't affected by adblock detection scripts at all. :notworthy:

PS. Actually, it is.
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