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I've been seeing these errors before and I am pretty sure we can't do anything about this. This PC is definitely having some hardware problems that are presented by unexpected shutdowns and until that is sorted out, all we do here is just the waste of time.


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OK ... I know purchasing a new HDD is fairly cheap and installing it is usually simple on laptops. I would be willing to proceed like this but obviously cloning would not be an option due to all of the errors. Is there any options to move the operating system to the new HDD? I would hate to purchase Windows 7 all over again at ~$150. Thanks for all the help.


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I am not sure if that would be possible due to these errors. Also I don't think it is a smart idea to move already damaged OS. You don't need to buy Windows 7 again. Do you have your product key on your laptop? If not, I suggest to contact Microsoft support, I think they can help you with that.


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Okay, let's test it to see if something can be repaired. If it is impossible to repair bad sectors, then you'll need to obtain new hard drive and to install fresh operating system on it.

For this operation you'll need to obtain USB Flash drive. Please download the following tools to your Desktop:
  1. ViVARD
  2. Rufus

Now we need to install hard drive test tool to your USB Flash device. Plug it into your PC and make sure to save all content from it because it will be deleted.
  • Unpack ViVARD archive to your Desktop and start the Rufus tool.
  • Under Device make sure that your USB Flash drive is selected.
  • Beside Create a bootable disk using, you need to choose DD Image and next to it click on cd icon.
  • Now navigate to extracted ViVARD folder and select image.img

  • Click Start, and click OK. In few seconds the operation will be completed and you should see READY.
Next thing we need to do is to boot your USB device.
  • Restart your PC and keep pressing F12 until you are presented with Boot Menu.
  • Now you need to select your USB device by pressing the Enter button, something similar like on the image below:

  • In the next window where it shows you 3 options, just press the Enter button.
  • Now ViVARD will search for your hard drive:
  • When it finds your hard drive you should see window like this. Use keyboard arrows to select your hard drive with red rectangle and press the Enter button. You should see Selected disk windows on the right.
  • Again by using keyboard arrows navigate down, select Surface test with remap and press Enter
  • Then you can choose to test a range of sectors on your hard disk. To fully test your hard drive, simply press 2 times the Enter button.
  • ViVARD will now test your hard drive and attempt to "repair" bad sectors. It should take couple of hours to complete.
  • Once the test is complete, the percentage (Percent) will be 100% and the line "Log file is Kept in report.txt" will be displayed in green at the top of the screen.
  • You can now simply restart your computer by holding Ctrl + Alt + Delete buttons.
  • When you get back to Windows, open your USB Flash device and VIVARD folder you should see REPORT.TXT document. Please attach it into your next reply.