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@Jebstream What do you think about Unchecky that is integrated into Reason Core Security?

Note: Unchecky is still available as standalone software.
I've never used Unchecky by itself since I always watch for those PUP's when installing programs. My experience with RCS is limited to malware removal, so I haven't seen it in use during program installations, though with it's widespread adoption and trustworthiness, I'm sure it's what everybody says it is. Otherwise I have no opinion for or against it.


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You're comment confuses me, but I'll have to chime in to say that faster is not always better. In reality, faster simply means more files were skipped, and thus the likelihood of a failed scan in the first place.

What if I told you that you could remove most common malware in 15-20 minutes using nothing but RCS?

I'm not talking about hitting start and waiting. You can run a diagnostic scan, which will educate you about the possible threats, then provide you the tools to remove startup items as well as programs, all before running a quick or full scan which on it's own is still pretty dang fast—and thorough!
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I see your point, in my exprerience fastest scan has todays EMSISOFT and also WEBROOT. RCS is not close to them, but compare to most of security products what I tested, RCS scan is faster.