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I would highly recommend SafeInCloud, but i dont know anyone from MalwareTips who are using it except me (perhaps not much publicity) You can read more about it at SafeInCloud Password Manager for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac

I used to use LastPass, but it consumed to much my battery on Android, so had to look for alternative and i am very satisfied that i found SafeInCloud. :)
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Wife & I have used LastPass for about 7 years (about as long as its been around). They made free even better by including desktop and mobile with it.

It does a good job logging in for you (though not perfect) and the checkup feature is nice (shows duplicates, weak passwords, compromised passwords). I would use that as a frame of reference for anything else.

It works on all browsers and has an optional software install for interacting with dialog boxes (like logging into your router).


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My first choice is LastPass and my second choice is KeePass.
I choose LastPass over KeePass for its ease-of-use.


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been using Last Pass free in the past 2 or 3 years. Had no problems at all with this service (syncronizing between
Windows PCs/Firefox only). Two days ago I purchased the premium memebership (12 Euro/year).