ReddPlanet is a well-designed free reddit client for Windows 10


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Nov 10, 2017
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ReddPlanet is a well-designed free reddit client for Windows 10

ReddPlanet is a standalone reddit client app for Windows 10. You don't need to login to your account to use the app, but doing so offers the best experience.

The application's interface is kind of unique, the title of posts from your subscribed feeds are listed on the sidebar. The side-panel has the upvote and downvote buttons, which you can use for interacting with the selected thread, and it also tells you how many comments, points, and awards a topic has. The program will load the selected thread the right pane, with the media and the comments. ReddPlanet has a built-in video player and image viewer, which is probably its best feature. It lets you switch to fullscreen, has a seekbar, mute button, aspect ratio, and even lets you cast it to another device.

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Mar 16, 2019
I would love it if some Android clients were released for Windows, such as Joey. After using Joey, the Reddit page is just a pain to use.
Just to let you know, I caught the Joey app developer red-handed around 2 years ago. The app was secretly connecting to some google ad domains and some other suspicious domains which was possibly related to users data collection. Google ads and google doubleclick trackers were embedded in the app itself. Back then the app was completely free with no ads. Many users on reddit used to ask the dev, how come such an amazing app like this is totally free? Why doesn't he monetize it? The dev always ignored these questions. He would answer everything else but always avoided those.
I got suspicious and checked all the DNS connection made by the app. The domains included google ad domains, some other ad services and as I said also some other suspicious looking domains. Keep in mind once again that the app was completely free to use with no ads, no limitations.
Then I shared it on the subreddit and the dev became furious and defensive. But he was unable to explain why his app connected to those domains. Many users saw that and stopped using it.
After that later sometime in the future, he changed the model of his app and now it has a free version with ads and a paid version.
So no matter how good the app is, I would stay away from anything created by this dishonest dev.