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Running RAM cleaners often is not healthy for the system at least in my experience.
I would simply remove all the unwanted programs from the startup and try not to mess with services.msc.
Here's a statement from the developer website

About CleanMem
So how does CleanMem work?
CleanMem Works by calling a Windows API. CleanMem doesn't change the working set of a processes. It simply asks Windows to do all the work. So Windows does the trimming, the moving and manages everything. This is why there is never any crashes of programs and any performance hit to the system. To put it short CleanMem doesn't work against the Windows memory manager, it works with it


Fresh install of Windows 10 Pro, v 1703. I noticed several unnecessary ram drains and bandwidth hogs.
What general processes and services can i stop. i'm a home user.
Unless the OS is alerting you that physical memory is reaching capacity I would not worry about it. I've run Windows 10 to 90 % RAM capacity without any noticeable system impact.

You didn't provide any hardware details, so we're all guessing.
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As @rockstarrocks already said, disable background apps. That should decrease RAM usage significantly. About bandwidth usage, you're using Windows 10 so that's kinda normal. Windows 10 includes telemetry which constantly sends data to Microsoft's servers. You can use O&O ShutUp10 to silent Windows a little bit more, but keep in mind that you cannot turn off telemetry completely.

I recommend GlassWire, it shows where programs connect and tracks data usage, you can even block internet access to some programs (because GlassWire uses Windows Firewall API).


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Have a look to windows services and disable some services. Also uninstall all the bloatware like candy crush, app store...