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I'm also partial to Samsung--my first nvm-e ran over 1 1/2 years w/moderate use before drive remaining life dipped to 99%. My second choice would be the Western Digital black.

I don't get the read/write speeds Samsung advertises for the 970 EVO Plus but still, it's very fast and stable. As expected It runs about 10 deg C hotter than my prev. 960 EVO, so I installed it in a heat sink, which is not without its detractors who say that's a gimmick. :emoji_disappointed: But that's for another topic maybe.


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What about Intel 7700p ?
I only can find the 7600p and that is a business re-brand of the consumer 760p:
The Intel SSD 760p is intended to be a mainstream product for a retail SSD market that is increasingly migrating away from SATA SSDs. Critical to that goal, the Intel SSD 760p is almost always faster than any SATA SSD, and it is one of the first NVMe SSDs to offer idle power levels that are competitive with the best SATA SSDs. Those are important thresholds for budget NVMe SSDs, and the Intel 600p frequently fell short of that standard. And on the few synthetic tests where the 760p is slower than Samsung's new SATA king (the 860 PRO), it isn't far behind.
It was difficult to justify paying for the Intel 600p over a good SATA drive, because the workloads where the 600p was sure to outperform the SATA drive were the lighter tasks where either drive would be plenty fast. The Intel SSD 760p does not suffer from this problem. It handles light or heavy workloads well, and it doesn't lose much performance as it fills up. In any use case, the performance is a step up from SATA SSDs.
Compared to other NVMe SSDs, the 760p is clearly not a high-end drive. It beats the once-premium but now outdated 400GB Intel SSD 750 in most performance tests, but Samsung's recent NVMe SSDs are often far faster than the 760p. The Samsung 960 PRO is clearly in a different league from the 760p, but the TLC-based PM981 also outperforms the 760p and its eventual retail version may not carry much of a price premium over the 760p. The Samsung 960 EVO is currently a bit more expensive than the 760p but largely justifies that price.
If and when I upgrade my Laptops M.2 NVME drive, will be a Samsung Model, Desktop doesn't have NVME slot, so using a Sata Western Digital Blue, Life Remaining on that is 85 percent current, moderate use from February 2016 til now, (Transferred drive from old AMD FX system)

Probably Samsung Sata one for Desktop down the road as well