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Level 2
Revo Uninstaller Pro 3:

Terms Of The Offer:
-You get a lifetime license for 1 PC - only for version 3.x
-It does not cover the ability to upgrade to future versions
-It does not include free technical support.
-Install and activate the program before the end of this promotion.
-Designed for non-commercial (personal) use


Level 24
I've paired it with Wise Program uninstaller since Revo freeware which I'm installing on client machines lacked UWP app removal. Wise is straightforward and removes most junk thoroughly.
That sounds good. Personally I think Revo 3 Pro is good enough for 99% of people. I don't think many actually use UWP and UWP is much better at cleaning up after itself when you uninstall. Win32 leave so much behind it's ridiculous.