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RoboForm Everywhere Key Features:

Memorizes your passwords and logs you into websites automatically.
Fills long registration forms and checkout forms with one click.
Encrypts your information with the strongest security available.
Generates secure passwords to protect you against hackers, key loggers, and phishing scams.
Works with Internet Explorer (for Windows), Firefox (Windows & Linux), Chrome (Windows & Linux), Safari (for Mac), Opera (Windows & Linux) and other browsers.
Back up your passwords and sync them across all your devices including desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets



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Amiga500 said:
How does this compare with lastpass.?
Im using lastpass so is roboform worth using.
I used Roboform for many years but the company got greedy, decided to not honor their lifetime license and started limited the free version.

I still have a lifetime license for v.6 but it doesn't support modern browsers and programs. LastPass imported all of my passwords from Roboform and then I got rid of it.

The free version originally allowed you to save 30 passwords, then they limited to to 25, then 15 and now only allows you to save 10 passwords.

10 passwords is not enough for most users, it is like a bait and switch, it says it is free but does not tell you right up front it only offers 10 passwords.

LastPass Free does not limit your passwords, basically gives almost all of the premium features of Roboform for free.

Roboform does offer support for other programs and Windows log on, etc, but they are not important for most users.

I'm very happy with LastPass now.

Thanks. :D