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I believe I can get the RAM to run at 1866 but I need to get in-depth with all the secondary and tertiary timings; I just haven't been inclined to get into it (days of offline testing) for such a negligible gain. I'd welcome any advice.

I've not had reasons to upgrade yet; I get 60 FPS with nice aesthetics (usually max plus more through video driver overrides)--admittedly, though, I don't game as much as I used to.

My strategy is to wait until Intel uses a new fabrication process (9th generation, most likely) before planning a new build.
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Great PC man, I'm pretty sure it was quite the roadhog back in the day, and it still boasts quantifiable power today. :D

Unless you're in it for the fun, I would recommend you do not proceed with overclocking the RAM. Like you said, negligible performance gains.

The 2500K is one of the finest CPUs Intel has pushed out... it was an overclocking monstrosity back in the day. Shame I didn't really get my hands on it back then.

As for your upgrade plan, indeed, Intel is planning process change in 2018, with the Coffeelake CPU architecture.

The pinnacle of the conventional silicon transistor technology is nearing us... and we are bound to see some staggering performance increases in the few next years to come... From 14nm to 10, from 10 to 7, and then to 5...

I expect 2160p to be made mainstream in the next 2-3, perhaps 4 GPU generations, and as for CPUs, performance and efficiency will just keep rising.

Well, uh, ranting. Nice build, bro. Will sure get you on for quite a bit before you really need to make any substantial upgrade.

Stay excited, though. :D
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