New Update Sandboxie-Plus 1.9.6


From Sandboxie Plus
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May 4, 2020
This fixes a bunch of issues and adds a new powerful debug mechanism, it can capture full stack traces for every trace log line issued.

Download: Release Release v1.9.6 / 5.64.6 · sandboxie-plus/Sandboxie

  • added full stack trace to all trace messages
  • added Add option to launch the default notepad editor as non-admin #2987
  • fixed an issue with token manipulation in the SbieDrv driver
  • fixed "Reset all GUI options" does not reset all GUI sections as expected #2967
  • fixed sbie:// links below the Box Type presets #2959
  • fixed "Reset all GUI options" makes all sandbox names disappear #2972
  • fixed A game can't be launched properly from "Run from Start Menu" #2969
  • fixed drag and drop issue with Microsoft Excel data grid 9455e96
    • additional feedback for other drag and drop scenarios can be provided in #856
  • fixed Regression: DLL loading problem (Entry Point Not Found) #2980
  • fixed [1.9.4/5] Sandboxie does not mark deleted files or registry keys while virtualization scheme v2 is active #2984
  • fixed SandMan: Timestamp of the Sandboxie.ini #2985
  • fixed [Plus UI] Crash after pressing the button "Show NT Object Tree" several times #2943

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