New Update Sandboxie-Plus v1.6.4


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May 17, 2015

Sandboxie-Plus v1.6.4 - Latest
This is a maintenance release fixing various bugs.

You can support the project through donations, any help will be greatly appreciated.

If you have issues with an update installation, just uninstall the previous version keeping the sandboxie.ini and reinstall the new build.

As far as I'm aware. DavidXanatos does not monitor MalwareTips.
Maybe, post over on Wilders - Sandboxie-Plus v1.6.4

Also for improved reliability you can check the downloads on the project homepage: Downloads | Sandboxie-Plus where only known good builds are posted about a week or two after the github release.

Sandboxie-Plus Migration Guide
This guide shows where all the known sandboxie functions can be found in the new UI.
sandboxie-docs/ at main · sandboxie-plus/sandboxie-docs

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