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The 64-bit edition of Windows 8 introduces a new version of the Kernel Patch Protection (PatchGuard) component, which limits Sandboxie v3 in establishing some of the kernel hooks that it needs in order to fully supervise programs.

To ensure a high level of sandbox isolation on Windows 8 and future versions of Windows, and to mitigate the risk that a future update to Windows 7 will include the new PatchGuard, and break compatibility with Sandboxie, version 4 introduces a change in the way Sandboxie works under the hood.

In version 4, Sandboxie is designed to not rely on unofficial hooks into the kernel. (A few such hooks are still in use on Windows XP.) Instead, a program under the supervision of Sandboxie v4 runs with no permissions and cannot access or manipulate objects in the system outside the program's own memory. (This restricted security context can be seen by looking at a process in the sandbox using Process Explorer.)

Sandboxie 4 on 64-bit Windows removes the Experimental Protection feature, and no longer has to suggest use of Drop Rights option.

Minimum Windows Version

Features in the Windows kernel which guarantee that a program cannot improve its own set of permissions are only available starting with Windows XP SP 2, with additional security features in Windows Vista.

Sandboxie v4 officially supports Windows XP SP 3, Windows Vista with Service Pack 2, Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, and Windows 8. Other variants may or may not work at this time.

Please note that these changes do not mean that Sandboxie now supports Metro apps.
Download link for most recent version 4.01:



Please note: Beta version 4.01 is a major change, please expect that some things may break.

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yes and i had some problem with chrome on my machine, didn't try for other browsers since i chrome 99% of the time.

if someone could try.


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Do they have plans to support "Metro" / Windows Store apps in the future? But considering they can be installed with Standard User rights, I don't see why it should be supported. Just a thought. :angel:

Screenshot taken of Google Chrome running on Windows 8:



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This is good news for me as I use Windows 8 x64. Ronen did mention that this would be launched in a few weeks am glad that it has! Good thing about Ronen is he always keeps the users in loop.

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Thanks Bo, i always liked Sanboxie, now i wait the occasion to win a license in some giveaways; i admire Tzuk for its works , he always found a way to codes Sbie properly on whatever Windows we use.

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bo.elam said:
Save a little, no bars, no girlfriends, no Banh xeo or Snake wine for the next two weekends and you ll have enough money to get yourself a license.:angel:
1- How you know that ?!