New Update SD Maid 2 / SE - A Successor to SD Maid for modern Android


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Jan 8, 2011
Github: GitHub - d4rken-org/sdmaid-se: SD Maid 2/SE

SD Maid SE (aka. SD Maid 2) is the successor to SD Maid (SD Maid 1/ SD Maid Legacy).
A new app, optimized for modern Android versions, and ready for Google's future challenges šŸ˜Œ.


SD Maid SE is an open-source zero-bullsh!t system cleaner.
SD Maid deletes files and you get more free space. That's the deal!

SD Maid 1 and 2 share core features:
  • CorpseFinder: Find files belonging to uninstalled apps
  • SystemCleaner: Delete superfluos files from all over the device
  • AppCleaner: Delete expendable ("hidden caches") files from apps
  • AppControl: Manage installed applications
  • Scheduling operations
  • Protecting files with exclusions
Download links
SD Maid SE has a "Pro version".
The Google Play release requires :coffee: a payment, while the Github release asks šŸ™ for a payment.
Be nice, support your devs ā¤ļø.

GitHub release notes are the official changelog.

Bugs / Requests
Please use the issue tracker for bug reports.
I'll also discuss issues else where but usually a lot of helpful information gets lost if it's not organised, so use the issue tracker if it's important :).
Source: [APP][8.0+] SD Maid 2/SE - System Cleaner


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Oct 9, 2016
I just checked. So far the SD Maid SE from github has no trackers. Keep it that way and I'll use it.

Current SD Maid from github has 1 Bugsnag tracker

Bugsnag is a stability monitoring solution which captures unhandled exceptions, diagnostic data, and version information in browser, mobile and server-side applications via open source SDKs for 50+ software platforms. By default, Bugsnag libraries capture all crashes (handled exceptions are optional), version numbers, and session information to help engineering teams proactively surface issues and save time fixing bugs. In addition to capturing key diagnostic data (including: stack traces, breadcrumbs, environment info) with crashes, custom diagnostics (such as A/B testing variants or customer tiers) can be added to error reports.

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Jul 5, 2019
As SD Maid user for many years a relevant statement on: [APP][1.6+] SD Maid - System cleaning tool

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Jan 8, 2011

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