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Hello, I am hoping this is in the correct section.

I bought a bluetooth dongle, a csrV4.0 sometime ago and it worked fine.

But after a few months I've plugged it back in, the light flashes and everything but it seems like my computer has no idea what bluetooth is.

It's hard to explain but I've googled it, my bluetooth settings should be in settings> Change PC Settings> PC and Devices. However there is no bluetooth button there at all.

It isn't in my toolbar, I cannot even search bluetooth, I swear it doesn't exist!

When I plug my dongle in, quite a few things in my devices pop up;

H.I.D Compliant mouse
H.I.D keyboard device
CSR8510 A10
And in Unspecified I get HID Compliant device.

Now I have tried updating drivers and it tells me all drivers are up to date and working properly. I can't for the life of me figure out what is wrong.

I could be mistaken but I feel the problem might have something to do with my pc rather than my dongle as it lights up and everything.

Anyway if there is any help you can spare I'd greatly appreciate it.

I'm running windows 8.1 by the way.


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When you first used the dongle, was it also on Windows 8.1 or another OS?

Is the device listed in Change PC Settings > PC and Devices > Devices? Else try to Add a Device.


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It was on the exact OS and computer. Nothing should have changed since then.

The compliant devices are listed there. But no bluetooth option.

I would believe the compliant devices are for the dongle previously installed.

I tried adding a new device but it found none.