Dave Russo

Level 8
Thanks. I don't recall reading that the last time I had SAP installed. I think what I'm hearing is that ClamWin is Apex? But from what I read about it. would it be heavier and less protective than Windows Defender? My older laptop runs OK with WD, but I feel like there is some slowdown with it running compared to, say, Kaspersky Cloud Free that I tried out a few weeks ago. Boot ups and opening folders seemed to take less time. So now I wonder if I need any AV at all? The SAP site talks about it running alongside a 3rd party AV, but is it necessary with the cloud antivuruses that are a part of its protection? I think that was answered. But I just want to make sure before I disable Windows Defender to see if my laptop becomes a bit more responsive.
Thanks for the link sorry I duplicated it .