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I've been using Kaspersky Securty Cloud - Personal for 1 year/3 devices and I see an offer by Norton 360 (10 devices!) with 250GB backup, which I think is intersting.

Norton has a good protection? Is it light? I use my PC for Adobe suite and gaming and Kaspersky is a little bit heavy sometimes.

My kaspersky license is close to expire.


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Both are good. Some would say Norton has a better auto firewall. I personally use Kaspersky since the package is more complete, such as:

- Good PW manager
- Backup works well (I backup locally)
- Application control is top notch
- Encrypted containers
- Great GUI and constant updates
- Safe Money actually works with most US banks, and allows you to use other PW mangers in its hardened browser

I find Norton a little chatty at times when the computer resumes from sleep after a couple of days and reminders about extensions. Most of the other features in Norton I don't use such as: PW manager, Lifelock, Defrag, Clean up, the new banking protection (you have to use Norton's PW manager for its hardened browser).

Norton is a tad quicker, but with the newest version of Kaspersky 20 (f), I don't find too much of a difference anymore. So when I use Norton, it's basically just a great AV/firewall, but I don't use the other features included since I don't find them as polished as Kaspersky's. Hope this helps.
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