Signal has a new message timer to make disappearing messages a default


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Aug 17, 2014
Signal has established itself as a major privacy-oriented app. Now with this latest message timer feature, that belief has been pushed even further. Signal is rolling out a new feature where users can set a default timer on messages for when they should disappear.

Disappearing messages is not a new thing when it comes to this messaging app. Signal has always boasted end-to-end encryption, disappearing messages, and no data collection. Signal has grown from a simple privacy app to a tech powerhouse, according to some experts. It just makes sense that they would release a feature that allows their users even more control over disappearing messages.

Usually, users would have to activate the option to disappear on each individual chat. This option has not been removed, and users are still able to utilize it. However, the app has now introduced a master option as well. This lets users set a default timer that will affect all chats. Signal’s developers stated that this would give users the benefit of lowering their storage space and increasing all users’ privacy.

This feature also gives Signal an additional security boost above its competitors. To date, both major competitors, Telegram and WhatsApp, have disappearing messages to some degree; neither have given users the option to set them as a default.

In order to use the message timer, you will have to activate it from within the settings of the app. Navigate to manage ‘Settings’, and tap on the ‘Privacy’ option. Scroll down to the ‘Disappearing Messages’ option and tap on it to open the settings. Here you can set the default timer to your choice. The time range that you can choose is between four weeks and 30 seconds. This option is available for all Signal versions 5.19.4 on Android devices.