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  1. Are you on Wireless or Wired connection?
  2. Disable Metered connection in Windows 10 Networking
  3. Set OneDrive Download rate to Don't limit in settings.
  4. Stop any background running apps that may be consuming bandwidth (ie. YouTube, Netflix, Torrenting, Store updates).
  5. Temporary disable security apps that may be scanning downloaded files from the OneDrive cloud.
  6. Disable any Privacy apps that may be blocking connections to Microsoft servers.
  7. Are other computers affected?

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Only have download speed issues, when Microsoft Servers are under load, besides that it works perfectly.

In fact I had to limit the download speed on OneDrive, to avoid bottlenecking my connection when lots of files are being updated.


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Do you use 3rd party DNS servers? If you do maybe they don't point you at the right Content Delivery Networks. I used to have mysteriously slow download speeds when I was using 3rd party DNS but when I used my ISP's DNS servers it was fast.


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Have found the (workaround) solution. TLDR: read last paragraph.

Forget about downloading your files via the browser. I've tried multiple methods to no avail (even moving all my files into one folder and downloading that folder as a singular file). OneDrive's zipping speeds bottleneck your download speed.

What worked for me was downloading all your files via the OneDrive app that you get from the Microsoft Store (Get OneDrive - Microsoft Store). For some reason the app doesn't download a "zipped" version of your files but instead syncs them one-by-one onto your designated File Explorer folder. Sync speeds match whatever internet speed you're on. At least for me I was able to download 1.8GB worth of files in a minute (which is how its supposed to be with my ISP speeds).

Hope this helps!