Level 20
What was the infection you had ?
What edition of Kaspersky Internet Security are you running ?


Level 37
if you are, in fact, using Windows OS system 8, I'd recommend updating Windows to 8.1 as my experiences since the update have been smoother and all around more satisfying which have made me a happy Windows user! See?? >>> :D

Since you are familiar with Opera Browser, I wanted to suggest Opera Next which you can read about, and if you wish, download here
By the way, I liked your configuration, especially the music & movie software.
CCleaner is among my favorite apps!
For an additional level of security during browsing, online gaming, or movie viewing, you might consider Sandboxie, a free app which provides a virutal sandbox.
It renders all changes to your browser which occur (inside of it's sandbox) temporary, and protects your system by <deleting> them when you delete the sandbox thus erasing those unwanted changes & additions kept separate before they could invade the system.:cool: It's a great way to test drive browser extensions you'd like to try first too!;)
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