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Known weaknesses: Need a good, robust paid Internet Security Suite (ESET, KIS/KTS, etc). I am trying to use as much 64-bit software as possible. I also, I need to upgrade to the copy I have of Windows 10 EDU 64-bit so I can use Group Policy, BitLocker and harden the system + (Windows To-Go). Finances are the issue holding back the commercial Internet Security suite and purchase of another external HDD. I am taking some courses from Microsoft to learn IT fundamentals on how to harden my PC and help others.

Zemana and Adguard have performed well with not too much system impact- they have blocked quite a few malicious sites that Windows and even ESET (when t was active missed). The Samsung OEM HDD is not doing so hot. 3 minute boot-up time on fast-boot.

I also may need to harden the router - as an end user in the house tends to click on "those links" and I have to isolate it from the network.

Any constructive feedback or criticism is welcome - I am willing to learn. Thank you for your time.

Is Windows File History any Good? (Is it restorable if my HDD fails - and could it be restored to another PC? Or is it limited by this one's SID?
What you have now is a no hassle, all basics covered config, couple this with safe habits and you are good to go as is. If you wanted to lock it down a tad bit more, you could always consider making a standard account your daily driver.


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All basics are covered just right.
Remember that your brain is always much stronger than a paid security suite. With all the good free options available in the market, I believe paying for security should not be your priority.


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Consider a system image backup solution.
No recent malware so I might leave things as they are right now.
Maybe consider adding an additional on demand scanner(s) such as Emsisoft Emergency Kit and or ESET Online scanner.
Thanks for sharing your config :)
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