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Nov 6, 2017
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Hello, I'm Italian, so forgive me if I speak English badly.
I'm writing a thesis on malware analysis with cuckoo sandbox. For me it's a new topic and I'm writing you because I would like a tip. I would need 2-3 analysis examples to try and reproduce them and study them as a case study. Would you have any advice?

thank you :)
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Try looking at the following sources (ensure you're within a safe environment before handling anything).

1. hxxp://
2. hxxp://
3. hxxp://
4. hxxps://

The samples provided on any of the sites above may be old or false positives (not actually malicious). You'd have to do checks to determine.

Alternatively, you can attempt to hunt down new malware or stick around and contribute here and like some others be put into the AV testing group, providing you with access to the Malware Hub samples here.

Don't go near any of the sources or any samples unless you know what you're doing. Not just for your own safety, but others as well.