Recent changes
May 16, 2020
Device priority
Secondary device
Operating system
Windows 10
account
Sign in with local account
Log-in security
    • Account password
Account permissions
Administrator account
Security updates
Automatically allow security and feature updates
Windows UAC
Always notify
Malware samples
No - Malware samples are not purposely downloaded
Real-time Malware protection
F-Secure internet security
Firewall protection
Microsoft Defender Firewall
Periodic scanners
Emsisoft Emergency Kit.
VPN and Privacy
F-Secure browsing protection,ublock origin, https everywhere,disconnect(disabled),ghostery(disabled)
Browser(s) and Add-ons
Maintenance tools
Photos and Files backup
Usb Drives
File backup schedule
Manually managed on a monthly basis
Backup and rollback
created a windows 10 image backup with all drivers.
Backup schedule
Manually managed on a yearly basis
Activity usage
  1. Generic web browsing
  2. Streaming audio and video content from the Internet
  3. Downloading files from unfamiliar sites
  4. Working from home

Computer hardware
sold lenovo bought hp pavilion :sick:
cpu i5 8265u(lenovo had i5 8300h) :cry:
ram 8gb 2400MHz single
256 gb m.2 sata ssd
1 tb toshiba 5400 hdd
mx 250 2gb(lenovo had gtx 1050 4gb) :oops:
Your changelog
updated 16.05.2020
Kaspersky internet security to F-Secure internet security.
added some browser extensions.


Staff member
Malware Hunter

You may set UAC to Always Notify.

In System Backup, You may add Macrium Reflect Free or AOEMI Backupper, both are free and reliable.

In Data BackUp, consider also to use cloud services.

In Virus and Malware Removal Tools, You may add MalWareBytes Free & EmsiSoft Emergengy Kit.

In Privacy-focused Apps and Extensions , You may add uBlock Origin or AdGuard AdBlocker extension to Your browsers, to complement Anti-Banner module.

A PassWord Manager would be welcome also.

Please kindly reflect Your changes editing Your config, and announcing them here, thanks for sharing
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Level 5
My kaspersky ended at the end of March. Bought F-Secure internet security for 1 year only.
Added ublock origin, https everywhere, disconnect, ghostery.
Will add backup software soon.
My desktop is still protected by kaspersky.
I have a license of kaspersky password manager but i'm not sure if i'm going to use it.


Level 5
i have multiple offline backups. almost same files(including documents, pictures, application installers, windows setup) are in both of my desktop and laptop. another copy of whole files are in my external hard drive. important documents and installers are in my pendrives(3x16gb,1x32gb,1x64gb).I backup them once in a week. :p


Level 33
Password Manager:
- optional, you can use Bitwarden, I'm very wary of password managers but this one is very easy to use and trustworthy

Rest of your config to me looks secure. Maybe add a cloud backup option like MEGA or OneDrive as an extra stop safe for backups. More you have, the better security and safe storage of loosing data.