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@Umbra Great job as always bro ;). I have two questions regarding Keystroke Encryption softwares, example: KeyScrambler Premium:
1. Do you think that they are obsolete too like Anti-loggers?

Yes and No , keystroke encrypters are useful only on your system, and only in the case you assume your system to be compromised already. Encryptors, unlike anti-loggers, doesn't detect/prevent loggers to capture datas, it just encrypt what you typing.
obsolete ? no , necessary ? only if your security suites are bypassed. It is a last line of defense.

KSc protect datas travelling from the keyword to the apps you typing-in. Once out of your machine, your datas can be intercepted if a sniffer is placed anywhere on the way to the website (your router, ISP relays, server, etc...)

2. Do you recommend to me to add KeyScrambler Premium to the following combination to encrypt keystroke?
Emsisoft Internet Security + VoodooShield Pro + HitmanPro.Alert
depend your concerns:
- if you worry only for docs or browsers , HMPA will suffice
- if you worry system-wide KSc Prem will be better.


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Jul 6, 2015
Sounds to me that they deserve to go under if they are rude to customers/forum users!
What is the point in reporting bugs and issues if they dont listen?
Think i'll avoid them!
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