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Hi so i moved my 6months license to my main PC which was not working and now is fixed.

So i downloaded BD Total Security Installer, and it stuck at Installing 0%, Scanning and Downloading are OK 100% done, but installing is stuck, i restarted my computer and tried again. Still 20minutes passed and still at 0%. Any logs are available somewhere to see what's going on?



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Okay, so i cancelled installation, got blue screen of death (2nd time), my monitor started to buzz crazy, thought it was about to explode.


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Is this an online installer of BD Total 2016 or later? Was there a previous installation of a security software on that pc? It might have some remnants that interfered with the BD install..? Best to try it again and make sure that there aren't any left overs of previous security suite install. By the way you said,

my main PC which was not working and now is fixed..
--What was that all about? Was it really fixed..? It may have been why you had a freeze on the install...


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It's 2016 installer. And problem with my pc was, that it would restart itself whenever i turn it on. Didn't realize that it was because of my Optical Drive was disconnected from motherboard.


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Okay so i'm trying to delete Bitdefenders folder, using CMD and Unlocker i get that access is denied, no other accounts on this machine. And only one is administrator.

EDIT: Revo Uninstaller didn't manage to delete it either.
EDIT: Managed to delete it in Safe Mode, but still no progress in installation. Can anyone using BD tell me how long it took you to install it?
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Uninstall Bitdefender using official Uninstall Bitdefender tool
- Choose Trail if trialware (ie. 29 days remaining)
- Choose Paid if purchased

Where did you download the Bitdefender 2016 installer from (ie. source)?


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You need to examine the dumps occurred on your system after BSOD, yes Bitdefender have some issues according to sources however it can be coincidence.