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I greatly prefer Patch My PC, because it can download and silently install program updates. On the other hand, SUMo doesn't handle the updates itself, it just provides a link to the software's download page.

Aside from how they handle updates, a big difference between the two programs, is that SUMo can find updates for many more programs that Patch My PC does. There is reason for this. It's easy to provide a download link for software, but takes a bit of work to be able to actually download and silently install the updates. As a result, all software updaters that handle the updates themselves, have a fairly limited range of software they can update.


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@Kyle_Katarn does Sumo /Dumo Pro has a auto update option or something similar or only provide a installation link?

This i find on your website:

Automatic self-update (PRO only)
  • Direct access to software developer's web site (PRO only)
SUMo PRO adds automatic self-update & direct update access capabilities to SUMo.

Auto update the Sumo application or all supported apps?
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I'm quite a fan of SUMO - I used the free version for some time but now use the pay version, IMHO it's worth every penny, I check it every couple of days & most of the time it's accurate. The rare time it's picked a beta up I inform them & I get a 'fixed' mail back. I've actually tried all updater(s) & I have found at the risk of sounding like I've been bribed love SUM - Also I find it has the largest software database I've found.
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I see no reason not to use both. Run PatchMyPC first and let it autoupdate the supported software then run Sumo to manually update whatever is left.
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