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Same and I was shocked, that MS does not even bother to update the inbuilt OneDrive.
It seems that I owe MS an apology, I was at fault. 😳

Store apps change location upon updating, just like discord, so store fails to update apps, if it is blocked by the firewall.



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I do not use either. Software that I care about enough that requires updates usually has the check for updates enables.

Aside from that, I tend to not always jump into the latest and greatest updates due to usually being more prone for issues than stable versions that been working fine, unless there is a critical bug.

Once every 2 weeks i will check some software updates manually when doing maintenance if need be.


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RuckZuck is interesting. Because it is a quiet installer, you're never really sure what it is doing, and whether it is still in process or complete. However, prematurely closing the app, you are warned if an installation is in progress.