Symantec Endpoint Security Protection review for home use! - Andrew3000 personal feedback - standard unmanaged client

Product name
Symatec Endpoint Protection 14.2 - Client on PC (standard unmanaged client)
Installation (rating)
5.00 star(s)
User interface (rating)
4.00 star(s)
Accessibility notes
Well, being a product primarily addressed to the use endpoint so the UI is not simple but at the same time not too complex. Don’t expect a modern interface, the UI style is old (the first time the UI can be tricky but don't worry It will be easy to learn everything).
Performance (rating)
5.00 star(s)
Core Protection (rating)
5.00 star(s)
Proactive protection (rating)
5.00 star(s)
Additional Protection notes
As you can see here: and
Norton SEP is one of the best endpoint/av suite on the market.
You can personalize every single aspect of the protection.
The heuristic is strong, can detect a lot of malicious program (even if sometimes it exaggerates, showing false positives but nothing negative).
SONAR is literally the key of this product, can detect 0-day malware easily, this SONAR is stronger than other Norton products (Norton Security Deluxe).
The Exploit protection and the firewall are very good.
To conclude, if you are looking for an endpoint product to use for the protection of your home PC, Norton SEP is a great alternative (30 days of trial included!).
    • Many features
    • Low impact on system resources
    • Lightning fast scans
    • Highly configurable
    • Ransomware protection
    • Strong and reliable protection
    • Detects or blocks in the wild malware
    • Consistently high test scores
    • Accurate results and reliable antivirus engine
    • Virus signatures are updated daily
    • Excellent scores in independent tests
    • Great value for money
    • Features you can't get elsewhere for free
    • Effective malware removal
    • Multi-layer protection approach
    • Not for beginners
    • Clumsy or awkward interface (UI)
    • Can be complex in some situations
Time spent using product
Reviewed over a 30-day period
Computer specs
i5 4690K
GTX 960
Recommended for
  1. Experienced users
Overall rating
5.00 star(s)

Evjl's Rain

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Apr 18, 2016
Did you test installing network and host exploit Mitigation without proactive nor auto protect from SEP .
To complement wisevecter /KSC free?
I don't remember all the installation process. I basically installed everything and didn't change any setting. Only SEP, no Kaspersky or Wisevector

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