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The report from the multifactor authentication provider Okta found that internet users were generally only aware of six out of the 13 types of data tracked online, with very few realizing music listened to online, videos watched, and social media posts were often recorded and tracked as part of their digital identity.

Despite generally not understanding the nature of online privacy, most people are also unwilling to surrender their personal data, even in the face of a threat like COVID-19.

Source: Customers don't want to give up their data due to privacy concerns, Okta finds

Okta said:
The survey was commissioned by Okta, and carried out by Juniper Research. It was distributed and completed through an online platform.

The survey was carried out using an online panel in two waves, between the dates of 20th and 31st January 2020 and 27th April to 6th May. The survey was a nationally representative sample of the online population aged between 18 and 75 of each of the following countries, in the local language:
  • Australia (2,002 respondents in wave 1, 947 in wave 2)
  • France (2,000 respondents in wave 1, 973 in wave 2)
  • Germany (2,000 respondents in wave 1, 936 in wave 2)
  • The Netherlands (2,006 respondents in wave 1, 1,004 in wave 2)
  • The United Kingdom (2,218 respondents in wave 1, 979 in wave 2) • The United States (2,013 respondents in wave 1, 923 in wave 2)
Confidence intervals at the 95% confidence level for all countries are ±2.2% for wave 1, and ±3.2% In wave 2. All data was weighted in line with nationally representative proportions.