Q&A The Edge advantage (compared to Chrome)


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Oct 1, 2019
This news triggered me : Chrome - Chrome’s RAM problem fix for Windows 10 lands in Canary update

Edge already has this feature in the stable version. Microsoft clearly ahead of Google (for the first time as far as I know).

For the first time Google did not dictate development direction and tempo/pace. Microsoft clearly overtook Google, less than a half year after the formal introduction of Edge-chromium.

From security perspective Edge has build-in Code Integrity Guard enabled for renderer processes and has an option (flag) to de-elevate on browser start (features which Google's browser Chrome does not has). This is the main reason I replaced Chrome with Edge.

For me it is clearly Microsoft showing its muscles to Google. Edge has an advantage because it is build by the same company which also builds the OS. Edge being OS-aware could lead to better sandboxing and cleaner isolation of the browser's code.

Remember Windows Defender was a laugh with detection percentages of 60% at best, where other AntiVirus products scored high in the ninety percent results. After Windows Defender became OS aware, it gradually became a decent solution challenging top notch premium solution today.

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Jan 8, 2011
The new Microsoft Edge browser is a power play by Microsoft.

I saw a quote online about how "Edge [legacy] was better than Internet Explorer but not available for Windows 7". By Microsoft moving to the Chromium source code, it would allow them to mass-spread their Browser to more devices, including older versions of Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile.

The new Edge can now directly compete with the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In my opinion, that's the real advantage.