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Back in the days, McAfee was the worst for me, due to its high RAM/CPU usage, sluggish interface, Internet Explorer addon was also a trouble, their "please buy more" pop-ups and of course the nightmare malware removal/uninstallation process.. Never again. Currently happy as a long-time Comodo user :)

p.s : But I was truly in love with Avast! version 4, with its gory alert sound. :)
McAfee is still worst! I currently owns a d licence for it but I don't use it!


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I am unable to remember whether it was AVG or Norton, but Norton used to do nothing, so it must be AVG when I was kid, it deleted my every software with .exe extension which weren't virus, we didn't use to have internet that common these days (if available, only dialup), we had to use cds to get programs, if my friends had one, I used to save and return them.


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if you look in the malware samples of @harlan4096 's tests, you can find it to be the best of all.
maybe only Symantec's Endpoint solution did better/similar to Kaspersky when it was being tested by an other user. Too bad Symantec Endpoint and Norton is being developed by two different groups even though they're technically the same company.
Lots of other avs arent tested... also he uses 2018 version?


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2017 is the same/similar to 2018 in terms of modules. maybe a bit less resource hogging.
sure there aren't, but name one significant one that is better on paper than Kaspersky.
On paper yes. But in real life? It isnt suited for me.
And i think they dont focus on the netherlands?

Eset and Avira seems to be the best suited for malware attacking the netherlands.


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What else Windows Defender is the worst AV in recent time which defends next to nothing in Web Threats and its PUP protection is disabled by default :D There may be worse AV than WD but none of them were famous.


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No bad ones so far. AVG basically used all the resources of the computer back around 2002, but doesn't seem fair to compare that far back. PCs were slow. Only have used Avast starting with v4 and Qihoo 360 on various PCs.
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