Level 29
I think we have improved many of the Avs today are very well as the case of Norton that was very heavy a slab I would say I,Emsisoft old Squared with engine Ikarius, had a few false positives are tremendous, panda was unusable leaving the system dead.
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Level 4
AVG(a few years ago) and AVIRA for being bloatwares. Kaspersky for destroying my Windows 7, had to reinstall. Bitdefender 2015 which also destroyed my windows. Zonealarm for missing a drive-by download infection. Norton(a few years ago) missing a malware named 'love is all' in system32, and detected by a ClamAV scan.:D
I think You have the Worst Experience with AVs!:p:D


Level 6
i was in love with AVG and still am but recently it is disappointing me big time. It reverted itself from AVG IS into AVG free and although the support fixed it within minutes this is a no go for me . In terms of heavy and really worst ones i remember Comodo AV. And ZoneAlarm which was a godzilla . McAfee is and was big even bitdefender is huge. The worst is ..... well all of them
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