Updates TinyWall Version 3 released! (Sept 2020)

The Cog in the Machine

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May 10, 2019
Start all your installed programs
I have already done that. What about Windows services? Looking at the blocks apps log I can see this

Screenshot (1).png


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Sep 5, 2017
The last time i used Tinywall. there was a problem with seed4me VPN and cannot white-list it by any method (Tried by executable/Process/Window) and it still couldn't connect with any server in Seed4ME so if anyone know if it has been resolved or some workaround for it :unsure::unsure: ?
Note: i enabled VPN connection in the sepcial exception and still couldnot connect


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Jan 28, 2018
I have already done that. What about Windows services? Looking at the blocks apps log I can see this

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I used to leave Windows service related rejected unless I had a problem using my PC. Programs such as updates can be allowed in the "Special Exceptions" section.
If communication is interrupted and a problem occurs, you can go to the connection monitoring screen and grant permission from there.

WFC is recommended if you need a pop-up warning.I think it's pretty easy to create rules compared to a simple-Wall.


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Oct 13, 2011
Some assorted notes to the discussions above.

@The Cog in the Machine

- From the FAQ:
"Why doesn't auto-learn learn the rules I need?
To prevent unintentionally learning rules that could make almost every program access the internet, TinyWall's auto-learn function has been restricted from learning rules for system or svchost processes. Furthermore, due to technical limitations in Windows, auto-learn cannot recognize services. As a result, TinyWall's auto-learn mode is mostly only suited to learning traditional desktop applications installed by the user themself."

- Another note about auto-learn, since @show-Zi wrote that new entries do not always seem to be added immediately.
Learned rules are added to the firewall configuration when Auto-learn mode is exited. So if you want to check which rules were learned, you need to exit Auto-learn first.

- About the UDP connections by System:
Without knowing at least the ports we cannot tell from your screenshot what Windows function were blocked. But most likely something that is covered by the Special Exception in the Manage window. Start by enabling File and Printer Sharing in TinyWall and my guess is you will have less. Most importantly though, if you do not see any problem using your machine, then do not be bothered by those blocked connections. It is not your goal to unblock everything that is blocked, otherwise why do you install a firewall at all? That is the beauty of no-popups. Useless connections will not bother you, you only take action if an application you are using breaks, and everything else that you do not use is automatically blocked.

- About the Elevate option:
It restarts the GUI with administrative privileges. You need this very rarely, mostly to be able to whitelist another application that is also running as admin (such as installers) using the window method, or sometimes for listing UWP apps.

- As for Windows services, you can unblock them selectively by opening Manage, and adding an exception from there.

@Dave Russo
Boot-time filtering is used automatically. You do not need to enable it, it is always on.


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Aug 17, 2014
What is best, this or Malwarebytes or Windows Firewall Control?
All depends to your needs...
Windows Firewall Control (by Malwarebytes) offers pop-up notifications of any outbound connections to the web, but instead TinyWall doesn't using popups at all, you need to whitelist manually or using first "learning mode".