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Personally I have never seen the point of the like button. I would rather just read and assess content for myself rather than be told how popular it is, and it leads to many people checking how many likes they have before anything else. And where the person who gives the like is known, it often leads to people just blindly 'liking' every post just to get likes in return. All very childish in my view. Ditch the like button..


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They should, from facebook and instagram...would be huge help to avoid childs mental disorder as they dont get sad by not having likes, since likes can be kind of status symbol

Likes here at malwaretips or upvotes as reddit example are different thing and can help discussion to go right way and help you see posts youre looking for


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I fully agree with @Moonhorse .

Also as mentioned in the topic title it seem Facebook and also Instagram and hopefully other social media platforms slowly starts to understand it's negative effect.

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Honestly i don't see how Likes could be value of anything, it is totally subjective. The thing is we live in a society based on appearance and self-adoration. Just look at here when some security configs get the red "risky" tags and the member, clearly offended, is whining to the evil mods... The member is more preoccupied by how his setup looks like to others than wondering what he should change to improve it. See all those fancy and silly config with demi-dozen of active softs and tons of browser extensions...