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This antivirus software combines traditional signature-based security with real-time protection. The cloud-based virus protection element, Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, gathers data on brand-new viruses from the community of users and then alerts every installed copy of the software about new threats. So, this antivirus software doesn’t detect threats solely based on whether they match a local signature database. It also detects threats based on file behaviors. Trend Micro uses file-reputation technology to examine files for patterns that might signify malware.

To obtain a license Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + for 6 months for free, follow these steps:

1. Download Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + (6,3Mb online setting) - special distribution with a trial version for 6 months.
2. Register during installation.
3. Enjoy 6 months of protection


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Only in spanish? Or you can change in english?
How it feel on pc? Heavy, light?
Hello friends version is 7.0.1280 but that I update and the truth is that it looks less heavy than version 6, I have it installed and so far seems that all good.

I think that it detects the language of the operating system.

That's not the latest version?
Hello Nedim at the end of the installation, update the version 7.0.1280.

Hello friend the discharge is of the linkage, the only thing is that I install the version of the post and as I work badly him desist, I donate linkage of the most updated version and I unloaded it installed and it gave to me 6 months free.
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This is last year's version. Current version is 8.
Is friend it today's version is 8, but I install version 7 I upgrade to version 7.0.1280

With version 6, which is the post update version and upgrade to version 8 but cancel the 6 months and gave me 30 days.

The truth is that this version 7 this working very well little heavy, fast, quick, perfect pc navigation.


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For a long time I haven't seen any good promo for Trend products :eek: In 2013 there was 1 year promo for Trend Antivirus from UK branch of Trend. They sent 1 year activation codes. The same year (2013) there was 6 months Trend Internet Security promo. But since that time I haven't seen any good Trend promos. As for me I don't like to use the preactivated installers. I prefer to download from official site and activate with a license code.


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Thanks for the info - I was going to strongly recommend users make a system image backup, or at bare minimum a system restore prior to downloading and installing, then reboot before install (system restore sometimes stores things in places maybe a pagefile, that need a reboot I think.