Q&A Trendmicro is a very decent product.


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Aug 21, 2018
Here's the screenshot of TM Antivirus+ running on my machine with 11 Chrome tabs open:


I've only disabled "Scan for suspicious files as the computer starts" and "Automatically delete files that show any signs of a threat".
Installed TM Antivirus+ yesterday. After installing, memory usage was like 250mb but seems that it settled down after a day. :)



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Jan 8, 2017
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just browsing the internet.... and yes this is reported since 2018 version, it can get worse, if i launch a game or someting..
How funny, mine does not reach 100MB of RAM, and when I play or watch something in full screen it falls through the middle, since it has the 'silent mode'. And even if it uses RAM, remember, RAM is to be used, using RAM does not mean that the program is heavy, heavy is when it uses a lot of processor.


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Mar 30, 2018
Why do I keep associating Trend Micro with Comodo?
Trend Micro do not like the privacy issue, but their protection is cutting edge, and it has nothing to do with Comodo, Comodo is rubbish, I don't even know how it still exists:

This guy is one of the most renowned in terms of Windows and security in Brazil, he has 33 years of experience in the subject, he always launches good articles.
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