Best Internet Security Software

  • Trustport Internet Security

  • Emsisoft Internet Security

  • DrWeb Secure Space

  • GData Internet Security

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You could not go wrong with any of them in my opinion.
Emsisoft and GData have both Bitdefender and their own engine and a very strong behaviour blocker. Personally one of those two would be my choice. In terms of GUI, I think Emsisoft would be a bit easier to configure than GData I guess.
I haven't tried Trustport and Dr Web myself, but tests on the forum/malware hub also give them good scores.
Just try a few of them and see which one suits you the best ;)


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  • Trustport AVG + Bitdefender (Dr. Web removed)
  • Emsisoft In-house + Bitdefender
  • Dr. Web Security Space In-house
  • GData In-house + Bitdefender
Emsisoft has a very powerful Behavior Blocker, anti-exploit & Anti-malware Network (online verdict on suspicious files). It does require frequent user intervention at times, and there are some FPs, but the recommended choice shown is usually fair. Light on resources.
Trustport is not quite tested and less known. GData has impressive performance at AV-Tests. Both seem to do fine in the limited tests seen at the Malware Hub (MH) here. I do not have an experience with the two though.
Regarding Dr.Web, the problem here will be that not many people have tried it to be able to provide you with a balanced feedback. Even I haven't, except for its on-demand tool 'CureIt'. I have seen 'Dr.Web Security Space' in action at MH and surprisingly, it covered a range of threats, though the system was usually being infected.

If you're interested, you can refer @Der.Reisende's Dec 16 - Jan 17 testing & @Brodyaga's April 17 testing at the MH, for Dr.Web and Gdata respectively.
If you can try them all, that will be very helpful in your selection. Otherwise, I would recommend Emsisoft and then Gdata here.


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You could first read this: How to choose "the best antivirus"?

Then, you could go with anything if you know what you're doing. Out of the list, i'd recommend Emsisoft because i use it right now and it's very efficient. I've tweaked it a little bit to warn me about all incoming and outcoming connections, even trusted programs (firewall), and to detect PUP's and Privacy risks. I've set File Guard to thorough but i do not recommend it unless you're extremely paranoid.


I do quite a bit of compatibility testing. While I have a soft on a test system, I will also throw some malware at it since I put in the effort to put it onto the test system. So it's there and I might as well take a quick "look-see."

In testing, the Emsisoft and GData behavior blockers used to be neck-and-neck a few years ago.

Since then the Emsisoft behavior blocker has pulled quite a bit ahead of the GData one.

Of the 4 products listed - and I have tried each product multiple times over time - I find Emsisoft to be the most refined.

Christan, Fabian and their teams do a particularly good job with their products.