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You heard it first here. :p

Google is testing a NEW LOOK for 2017. Check it out in the screenshot below, or if you can access it from the Test Tube link.

Right at this moment, I cannot see it on Chrome for Windows. :(

Keep an eye on at YouTube

I have attached a screenshot on the New Youtube for 2017 with some very noticeable changes:

See the Big RED SUBSCRIBE button :rolleyes:

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IMAGE: 2017?​

Share your view and experiences.
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I got this new look several times last year already when they had their testing period and only some users got it from time to time.
From this morning I get the new look again.
I must say it's really different and I actually don't like it since I'm used to the old look. Everything is far too big now. It looks more modern, but I really have to get used to it.


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It's similar to the Youtube app design, so it's not a massive change. How did you register?

Every time Google changes Youtube, everybody dislikes it and repeat for the next year. :p
That's true, a similar design. But I agree that on a big computer screen there is so much space wasted and the buttons are a bit too big.
Are you asking that you could register for trying it earlier? You couldn't, it was just randomly they gave it to people from time to time.


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Like always everybody will hate it for the first few weeks and that will be it. I don't care about the looks, I just hope it will work well and it would have a better upload interface.
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Well this is my new youtube for 2017 no censorship :) BitChute is a peer to peer video sharing platform.

Its new there some thousand members already and developer keeps updating the website. Facebook youtube and some others start censoring big amount of data i don't like that and many other people too who are trying to find new website to visit that don't censor.

Building a better youtube with BitChute.
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Almost the same so no worries here. Really don't care about youtube looks tbh as long as i can see the info i need.