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May 13, 2024
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I tried to install it but whenever I get to the final step (after accepting the privacy policy and such) my antivirus starts complaining it is installing a trojan. I got the file from the site of zap itself: The ZAP Homepage. It also gives the error in the screenshot, translation: "C:\Program Files\ZAP\Zed Attack Proxy\plugin\ascanrules-release=66.zap Could not create file. Try again?
Steps taken to resolve, but have been unsuccessful
It was probably a bad idea but I told my antivirus to ignore it. The install still did not work, the error was still there.

Then I showed the file my antivirus was complaining about to virustotal, which said 18/66of their services flagged it as a risk: VirusTotal.
Then I tried deleting it which failed (even though I ran my cmd as admin), so I went into safe mode, and then I could delete it.
I'm not sure what other steps could be taken to make it install, I do not want to risk my pc getting an actual virus.
Your current Antivirus
Hi everyone, I'm new here, so if this is not the correct place to ask this, please direct me to the correct place.

I've been trying to go through Webgoat, and one of the first steps is to install zap proxy (they say other tools are fine as well, but I don't know any other tools since I'm new to application security), but it's giving me some trouble I cannot seem to resolve myself.


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