Advanced System Care Pro or TuneUp Utilities

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For system maintenance programs nothing really can compare to Advanced SystemCare, however the free version is enough no need to buy the pro version.

Other good tools include Toolwiz Care and Glary Utilities.

However I prefer to do manual maintenance, the point of doing maintenance is to make your system run faster and to clean up disk space.

If you have auto processes running it the background that just makes your system slower.

TuneUp Utilities used to be very good in the past but the latest version have been really bloated and uses up too many system resources.

CCleaner is the best disk and privacy cleaner since it doesn't remove things that you might need.

There are so many freeware options available that you should never have to buy tools like these.

Thanks. :D

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I will not recommend you guys to use TuneUp Utilities. It ruined my PC a couple of months ago when I used it. Stick to CCleaner or use Wise Care 365.


none of these two : I prefer to use auslogics boostspeed ( version 5 , the new version 6 sucks! ) or wisecare free , puran utilities or toolwiz care , like littlebits mentioned before : there are enough free tools out there that outperform the paid for products!


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well i haven't give TuneUp Utilities a try yet, but i have advanced systemcare pro installed, it works fine for me~~


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I have tried both, tuneup utilities is too difficult for me to use, Advanced SystemCare is easy to use but a little big for me. Now I am using CCleaner.


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landerio said:
I have tried both, tuneup utilities is too difficult for me to use, Advanced SystemCare is easy to use but a little big for me. Now I am using CCleaner.
Ccleaner is a free tool that fixes registry errors and makes the operation of pc light and fast. The Advanced SystemCare is nothing special and I would recommend is installing Smart degraf 2 v.2.8.1 that defragments the disk automatically.


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Advanced SystemCare and TUU are nothing special everything you can optimize manually,for cleaning(make system fast) use CCleaner+ Windows Built-in defrag :)


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WalterWolf said:
Advanced SystemCare and TUU are nothing special everything you can optimize manually,for cleaning(make system fast) use CCleaner+ Windows Built-in defrag :)
Cleaners are a big topic of discussion and heated debate. Same with that new Driver software from IOBit. If you know what you are doing and what to look for, the software is great.

As far as cleaners go - I'm all for them. I personally have had 0 issues (again, this is just my experience) running a multitude of cleaners, and have seen marked benefit.

I personally use Wise Care 365 Portable on my client's computers to clean them up, and will try the new ASC as soon as it's released. I wish the Portable version was easier to obtain but it's a great product. I don't like their antimalware software but everything else is fantastic.

For me, registry cleaning is important especially if the user installs and uninstalls a bunch of programs all the time. They really notice a difference. With Wise Care, I can clean the disk, defragment the disk, clean the registry, and defragment the registry. I also take the time to clean out restore points and check startup items, services, etc. I will also create a new user account, migrate the data, and delete the old account if there is an overall slowness that doesn't get better, or if I suspect corruption. I just did that night before last for someone. Huge difference.

CCleaner is great, I have my clients run it once a week. But honestly, it only scratches the surface of the crud that gets in these computers. It's registry cleaner is not as thorough as I'd like it to be. I do cleanings remotely for them via TeamViewer every few months and it really helps to speed up and make a PC act like new. It's a lot more truthful than a tech who gets paid for a "tune up", and they just run the free CCleaner and send it back. At least I'm spending an hour or two getting this machine to it's top performance.

And this isn't for money - this is something I'd do if I owned a PC (I use Mac for personal uses) myself.


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I can agree with starchild76, I am using Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 as the v6 really sucks and doesn't have those advanced options seeing in v5, but having some other tools which are really unnecessary.
Between these two I pick IObit, TUU are just too heavy and it's optimization and maintenance tool.

I really don't like having background process running of the software which supposed to optimize the perfomance of the computer, so IObit falls there too.

My opinions are :

Disk Cleaners
No tool can clean up your hard disk for junks like Auslogics Disk Cleaner or Wise Disk Cleaner ( I am using auslogics and from time to time scan with Wise Disk Cleaner Portable), there are a whole GBs of junk after you install for example Microsoft Office 2010/2013 left that CCleaner cannot find. And of course Windows Updates, they are leaving a mess too.

Registry Cleaners
I know that a lot of people here are skeptical about "Registry Cleaners" but I, and hundreds of computers that I have fixed didn't have any problem with using for example : Auslogics, CCleaner, Wise Care365, Glarysoft, Yamicsoft, TuneUp... registry cleaners If you know what to delete, maybe the safest are CCleaner and WiseCare, pointing at whats GREEN to clean, and of course making a backup of cleaned keys... Long story short, if you like installing and uninstalling, sooner or after you will need a registry cleaner ( If you don't want to reinstall Windows).

the best privacy traces cleaning tool I've tested was Privazer, those guy(s) who made that tool are on good way. There's also addon for CCleaner called CCEnhancer, but that tool can be dangerous in amateur hands.

I am using Auslogics Disk Defrag and it does the job pretty well and pretty quick, but I miss some options that Pro version can offer like boot time defragmenting of files that cannot be defragmented while Windows is running. There is of course a Piriform Defragller but it's a little bit slower than Auslogics

A year ago I was testing which uninstall tool, can find the most residual traces left by standard uninstalling. And YourUninstaller comes in the 1st place followed by Revo. Now I am using IObit Uninstaller and I like it, it has batch function, it's quick and portable.

The best and the most advanced tool I could find all this time was Yamicsoft products. (Windows 8 Manager, Windows 7 Manager and Windows XP Manager). It has a lot tools implemented for tweaking, controling, cleaning, optimizing and also repairing Windows-es, honorable mention must take TuneUp, Auslogics and IObit... and if you want to strictly repair stuff I would recommend - Windows Repair tool.

and that's from me :D


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King Mellow said:
Has anyone tried Wise PC 1stAid? How is it? Here's the link:
No, but thank you for the heads up! Adding it to my toolkit now. Wise makes great stuff, and is a trustworthy company.