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Mar 29, 2014

Today was my first time running into the "Ammy Scam." Basically, someone calls and asks to download harmful computer sharing software. They asked me to open run through shortcut ctrl + r, then had me type www.goo.gl/399bx and hit enter. It opened a site in a browser, however, windows opened the run, save, or X window before loading the page so I just hung up and did not download. However, since I was redirected to the download site, I am not sure if I am safe. The page did not load since I did not click run. I scanned in safe mode with malwarebytes, SAS, defender, and avast(realtime shields only on for avast). It looked clean as in only PUP(a download I have not seen before dated the day before the phone call). In sum, does opening websites through "RUN" infect? It may seem obvious that my computer is fine, but I am only 16 and am not too educated. Thank you!


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May 3, 2011
That file is a Remote Desktop Software like TeamViewer, if you did not download or run that file then you should be safe.
However if you are still worried you can leave this open for further malware removal assistance and a team member will assist you soon.

Enjoy!! :D
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