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I noticed recently my google chrome kept giving the popup that google chrome needs to restart, but there was never anything wrong with the browser and it never restarted when said ok.
And then I noticed that I had huge unexplained cpu usage from an unnamed windows process. It was a svchost.exe, inside my syswow64 folder that was causing the problem. Ending the process would stop the cpu usage, until the next time I restarted. I couldn't delete the svchost.exe, because the same exe was apparently running two processes, I had to end both those processes to allow me to delete the svchost.exe in the folder. next time I restarted my computer, a different file from the same syswow64 folder was doing the exact same thing, and had two processes I had to end before deleting it. The next time I restarted, yet another file from the same folder with a different name was doing the exact same thing, and seems to go on endlessly. Although the google chrome popup stopped when I deleted the first one, the other files seem to be causing unique things, like the last one was making random advertisement tabs popup on my google chrome even when I just had it open in the background. Can anyone give me some guidelines on what to do in this situation?