Warball Communauty

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Hello ! ;)

Vipre is an American company. Unknown to the general public but quite well known to geeks, it offers a solution to security for several years. Previously by SunbelT and then GFI, the software was taken over by another company. The antivirus has become an antivirus with two engines, his and Bitdefender's. Interface level, it is very simple, although in English. It is very configurable, which will make geeks happy! Protection level, it is very good! Vipre gets very good scores on detections, and even countered an installation of a Trojan horse! (NetWire). On the other hand, it is quite violent because it closes the software that caused it, but this is normal, some infections are persistent and may persist. The only black spot: Phishing detection is down. Vipre is an excellent antivirus, highly recommendable!

Mahesh Sudula

Level 17
Problem with this vendor is, they are not genuine on their info on core product components (Vipre is a rebranded Bit defender) .

Look @ below:
They use BD engine alone, in the brand name BEETLE.
Their AAP aka Adv.Active protection module is also BD licensed ATD.
Seems their updates are also limited may be twice per day ? Limited BD defs as well??