Update Vivaldi 3.3 for Android released with address bar at bottom option


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Aug 17, 2014
by Martin Brinkmann on September 13, 2020 in Google Android

Vivaldi 3.3 for Android introduces new customization options and other new features. Vivaldi highlights two of them in a blog post on the official company website.

The first brings customization options to the browser's address bar, as it is now possible to move the address bar and tab bar to the bottom of the screen. The default position is still at the top, but users who prefer a bottom position may configure the browser now to achieve that.

Some users prefer the bottom position for the address bar as it is easier to reach when using handheld devices. Vivaldi for Android users may select Vivaldi > Settings, and there the "Address Bar at Bottom" option to display the bar at the bottom. If the tab bar is displayed, which it is by default, it is also displayed at the bottom.

The following screenshot shows a comparison between tabs at the top (default, on the left), and tabs at the bottom (on the right).

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