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Hi everyone!
I'm using vmware workstation 12.1 pro on my computer (i7 6700k 4GHz, 16gb RAM, nvidia 970) with Windows 10 pro latest build. (10.0.10586.71) 64bit as host OS.
When I try running Windows 7 pro 64bit in a vm and enable Aero effects, dragging or minimizing windows becomes very slow and lags. With default windows 7 basic theme all works fine.
I think it's not a lack of resources, infact windows 7 guest performance index is 7 over 7.9.
It looks strange because on my old macbook pro using vmware fusion 8 pro that is A LOT less powerful it runs smoot as a charm!
Thanks in advance!


Of course, Vmware tools are propely installed, with 4gb of dedicated ram and 4 CPU threads!
That guest should be flying and smooth. I'm assuming all updates are installed for W7 then? If so do you have another copy of W7 laying around to install another guest and try to reproduce the problem?


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Enable VT-x in UEFI/BIOS and tick vitualize all counters in VM Workstation.
Thank you @Vasudev!
Virtualization was already enabled in my UEFI bios, I just ticked "Enable VT-x" and "Virtualize counters" in the VM configuration panel under CPU options.
Almost all the lag disappeared!


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Enable VT-x is usually disabled on mine, but I do not run W7 on VM, so couldnt help you there. Without VT-x ticked, 8.1 and 10 work fine hardly any lag. I did however modify the windows installations to near barebones, breaking a few in the process, etc. but that is beside the point.


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Usually you need to double check the VMWare tools that pertains to provide acceleration and performance although not practical when its all about testing.


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I had the same problem with HUGE lags when aero is active on Dell 7510 (1575 xeon, 64gb RAM, 2gb of m2.ssd) that I bought over $5000 (jan 2017). I have two video cards on board - Nvidia Quadro M2000M and Intell. I guess Dell have problem with laptops that contain two video cards and vmware doesn't support it properly.

Solution that helped me is very simple and fast - just downgrade from 12.x to 10.x hardware compatibility (VM->Manage->Change Hardware Compatibility).