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Here is Dan's reply to my report:

"Thanks, ... there is not a single error or exception, so it must be the USB that is keeping VS active. I need to revisit our USB activation method anyway, which I will do as soon as the new VoodooAi website and API is finished. Thanks again!"

Other users may be having different experiences so it's helpful to contact Dan with details and attach developer logs. Send DeveloperLog.log from C:\ProgramData\VoodooShield folder to support@voodooshield.com.


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I failed to post one of Dan's replies earlier, which was in response to the issue of Smart Mode not toggling off:

"When this happens, if the user opens VoodooShield Settings / Web Apps tab, there will probably be one of the Web Apps that are highlighted in yellow. This means that the web app is still running in the background. For example, Outlook sometimes does not close properly because of an add-in / plugin that is not letting it close, so it remains running in the background. But if the user checks the VoodooShield Settings / Web Apps tab and there are no running web apps, then something else is going on ."

I don't normally use Smart Mode but this explanation makes sense.


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The latest from Dan over @ COU:

"The problem with cybersecurity is that they spend all of their time searching for malicious files.

They have it backwards, we should be looking for good files.

Then again, you and I have pretty much known that all along. This new idea to create some kind of cloud whitelist that VS can eventually use has taken me on several twists and turns, and I am certain there are going to be several more, but I am getting close. I have already combined several different techs, and hope to include several more.

The goal is to create the largest cloud whitelist, with an extremely high accuracy detection for safe files. It should be ready in a few days, and when it is completely ready we will add it to VS, thank you guys!"


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More from Dan:

Hey guys, so here is what we have on the whitelist cloud so far…

Please keep in mind it is not a finished product and there are still a few things that need to be worked out, so the site will be down on occasion. I have not figured out how to scan files greater than 100mb yet, but I will fix that once Alex and I finish up VS 5.02 (which will include a full implementation of the web management console).

So the whole point of the whitelist cloud is to analyze for safe files, as opposed to the traditional analyze for malicious files that we are accustomed to. Please so not get me wrong, detection of malicious files is vital as well, I just think not enough time is spent looking for good files.

I am not going to go into a lot of details about the underlying tech (because of a certain stalker), but I will say that it relies quite heavily on VoodooAi and digital signatures… much more than I initially anticipated. This certainly does not mean that a file is required to be digitally signed to be classified as Safe, but it sure helps a lot. For example, if a file is digitally signed with a valid and verified signature, the VoodooAi scan result has to be sky high for the file to be classified as Not Safe.

This is just the first version, and we will be able to add even more features to the models to make it even better over time. Having said that, I am quite pleased with the results… please try it out and let me know what you think. There will be some “false positives”, which I am not worried about at all. But hopefully there will not be any false negatives… if you guys find some malware that is classified as Safe, please let me know!!! Once we work out all of kinks and optimize the results, we can add the API to VS. We might even have a stand alone mini app that utilizes the API so users can quickly scan files.

Most of the common web browsers seem to work great except for Internet Explorer. If you guys find a web browser that does not work well with this app, please let me know.


BTW, at some point we are going to add new web apps, probably sooner than later.

Thank you guys!


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P.S. to @Andi.HR This is what I consider the main VS thread so you should check here to keep up.

Here is the update on the timetable for next major release:
"@VoodoShield Can you be any more specific on the timetable for integrating WLC into VS?
It is really hard to say because I am trying to figure out what features of WLC we should implement into VS because there is some overlap in the features. I am guessing anywhere from 1-2 months at the latest."

And this:

"Hey Guys,

VS 5.02 is ready... there are a few small bug fixes and the Web Management Console is up and running.

SHA-256: bb5398acd8c76bde611fc5ad05bdf259498038e905be74dc88b1da6436c07935

Thank you guys!"


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I was looking at the Sandboxie thread at Wilders and incidentally, It seems the home base of VoodooShield (Calendar of Updates) is now defunct. Regardless of the past, I like to see how VS develops now and then, it's evolved into a really interesting software. Wow. What do you all say?



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I miss hes knowledge, he would be very welcome here, again, did he finally snorted out that trouble he had with session 0 and Antivirus hes developing? Hopefully some sort of AI technology implanted soon, so no more prompts, just full protection. Best regards.


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The registration process seems flawed... hours later and no confirmation.
Others have reported issues as well.

Can you contact Dan by email to see if he can help you as well?
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