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It is interesting to see that many people still believe that an executable dropped on a disk is the only way to deliver malware...
If so, damn , we just need MS to add an anti-exe in Windows Home and malware are dead forever and 3rd party security vendors can close shop. .. Come on...really...
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New update 5.53d clean install is recommended.
Hey guys, it should be working as expected now, but if you have any problems please let me know!

The multiple monitor issue with VS Top Most should be fixed as well, but if we need to tweak it please let me know.
As usual, I would either perform a clean install (preferred) or reset your whitelist.
SHA-256: 923908d1c08597cf788cfd7e5703ea7cb9ece5afa8abb71932688e0b6f622297
Thank you guys, please let me know if I missed anything!


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New beta version out:
Hey guys, here is 554, it should be good to go, but if you find anything, you know where to find me ;).

BTW, I made a couple of optimizations on the WLC analysis machines as well… I hope I did not introduce a bug that will cause the cloud end of WLC to crash, but I will keep an eye on it.
You should be able to install over the top, but if you run into problems, please either perform a clean install or reset your whitelist.
VS 5.54 beta
SHA-256: 583babd999c83bb4d5929d39c690c0194b2c7988e6b8d7d6da99ef354b477f9e
Thank you guys, have a great weekend!


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Here's the latest from Dan:

Hey guys, I am hoping this will fix this final significant issue, if not, please let me know, thank you!

If you were having issues with previous versions, I would uninstall, reboot, then reinstall. Otherwise if you were not having issues you should be able to install over the top.
VS 5.54D beta
SHA-256: 535f2c766ed515b7dc120d844a97a8469ad2c48bd5d8538ddbc7cd265d7918e9
Also, if msedge is not toggling VS and you are running Brave, can you please let me know whether Brave toggles VS or not? Thank you guys!


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From Dan:
Hey guys, this last infinite spinning issue has proved a little difficult to track down, simply because the exception is not being logged. Once we have a good error message it should be super easy to fix. So if you are still experiencing this issue, please check your Windows Event Viewer to see if the error is logged there, and if you find an error please email or post the entire error. The source should be VoodooShieldService. Thank you guys!
Personally I have no issues, but others report the WhitelistCloud component to keep scanning files and never finish.


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Latest beta, without any bugs for me, VS 5.54F beta:
Thank you guys! Krusty was having an issue where one of his security apps was locking the file permissions of an item that WLC was trying to scan, so it put it into an infinite loop. Normally this kind of error would be caught, but it was happening in one of VS’s dll’s, so the error was not logged. Anyway, it should be fixed now… and hopefully there are not going to be any other bugs that create this issue. But if there are, just let me know!

If VS is running fine, you should be able to install over the top, but if not, I would do a clean install.
VS 5.54F beta
SHA-256: 68441b9c1cdb871cd0181ead2b6fecd441582fccb6bbd4b3d144e72ec746186d
Thank you guys, talk to you soon!

EDIT: According to Krusty it is better to do a clean install of this latest version:
After seeing red (tray icon) again I sent new logs to Dan. Apparently over-installing F over E did not add the new VoodooShield service.
My advice, clean install 5.54F to ensure your machine is running the new service
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Here is Beta 5.54G, if needed.

Hey guys, thank you for emailing me your logs and databases… here is kind of a test version for anyone who was having issues with VS. If you are running 5.54F and it is working for you, you can upgrade just to test if you want, but this version is mainly to help figure out these last couple of bugs.

For the people who have had issues…
1. Please uninstall VS, and choose YES when it asks if you want to delete your settings and logs.
2. Reboot the computer
3. Install VS from the link below
There is a 50% chance that this version will fix the issues, but if not, I added some logging that should tell us exactly where the issue is and it should be a quick fix. So if you still have issues, please just send me your DeveloperLog.log… I do not need the DeveloperServiceLog.log or the whitelist.db
VS 5.54G beta
SHA-256: 173bc57c55ebf38de38f38d42f5a0a786a99b4a87362be814f1f4f47eae85d68
Thank you guys!

Edit: VS now runs extremely fast now, like it's not even installed! (y)(y)
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Here's the latest Beta:
Hey guys, sorry I have been away the last couple of days.

Here is the latest version, and here is what I believe is fixed… if anything is still not quite right, just let me know!

1. Free Download Manager right click block

2. VS Pro not registering properly on startup

3. The missing Not Safe items should be all fixed now, but we might encounter yet another small bug that will have to be fixed. We will not know until we encounter it.

4. ConfigureDefender should now be working properly with VS, although this is kind of a tough one because we have a non-native file that runs as admin, utilizing powershell command lines all from the Windows directory ;). So basically, we have to create a rule that will allow CD, but block anything else that exhibit these behaviors. It should be working now though, and if you have any problems, you should do a complete clean install with a new whitelist and command line list.

If possible, you should do a clean install, but if you were not having problems before, installing over the top should be fine.

VS 5.54H beta
SHA-256: 9391f87595681e03f37b23f20692b049d303f6e6a11cc2d36291daac6d1d43d5

Thank you guys!!!