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Subject says it all, vote please, if any important software name i missed , please tell :)


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other than windows default disk defragment, I use auslogics disk defrag and tuneup disk defrag....


I voted for Auslogics Disk Defrag. It's "defrag & Optimize" feature is the reason why. If you are running a standard 5400 HHD, you can maximize your read/write times by moving your system files to the fastest part of the drive. You can also optimize your free space as well..

I personally use the paid version of Auslogics, but the free version works as well..

I would use the windows built in defrag mostly if it were not for the two features i just listed in Auslogics.


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Updated Poll with more options. Re-vote, if not already done so. :)


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I've never had any problems with auslogics so I voted for it...puran totally screwed up my hdd until I defragged with auslogics then it was fine again.
I also like defraggler but I usually install auslogics on most pc's


Puran for me was a hit and miss. I used it for awhile and results were mixed. Kept suffering from System Restore points vanishing (known issue in W7 that no one seem to fully figure out a fix that can be fully reliable).

Auslogics I have tried and use it on pc's that I need to do maintenance.

Perfect disk 10 and 11 were the ones I have used extensively without a problem, until I laid my hands on PD12... That didn't last long.

Diskeeper was ok but its real time defrag made me some concerns.

O&O did the job just as fine as PD on the times and tests I did.

Deffragler has its pro's and con's.

Rest I have not used.

So for paid, either PD or O&O, while Free Auslogics or Defraggler.

Matter of a personal choice as all 4 listed solutions do its core function just fine. What you get extra are some perks here and there.


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I have just been using Defraggler for a while and before that I used O&O.I have never tried any others besides Windows defrag.I would like to try Auslogics since it seems to be running away in the polls.


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didn't know so many softwares available for defrag!!!! i use WiseCare 365 Free defrag, but i think now i should give a try to other softwares

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I vote Iobit Smart Defrag,

I tested it against Perfect Disk, the cluster map was almost similar after the defrag.

Iobit is portable, can do optimized defrag, has boot time defrag for MFT and co., and it is free.

Puran is another goood choice.


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I have Piriform Defraggler installed and does the trick. :) Haven't really tried any others though.


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I have tried many defrag software both paid and free over the years.
The free ones used to be crap, but now they are just as good or some even better then most paid defrag software.

My choices based on performance, usability, resources used and features:

1. Auslogics Disk Defrag
2. IObit Smart Defrag
3. Piriform Defraggler
4. Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp

Windows Disk Defrag (built-in) on Windows XP and previous Windows were complete junk. However it improved on Vista, then even got better on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Now it can do a decent job at default settings.

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